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Information is the backbone of your office. You and your clients count on it to be there when you need it. Managing that information and the infrastructure supporting it is becoming more and more complex, and the choices of how to deal with that complexity bring constantly evolving technical, budgetary and staffing challenges.


With the 'latest technologies’ being announced almost daily, keeping up to date with the constantly evolving world of IT can be extremely difficult for all but the most dedicated IT professionals. For companies without internal expertise, IT support outsourcing to experts whom you can trust and rely on is a great relief, and saves significant time, expense and increases productivity.


What sets us apart from other IT consulting companies is our personalized service and tailored solutions. finanxial IT will work closely with you to create a plan to ensure your network scales with the growth of your organization.


Businesses turn to finanxial IT to ensure that IT can add value to their business, through outsourcing their IT infrastructure.


finanxial IT provides expert consulting and strategic IT planning services. We focus on ways in which our clients can use the best information technologies available to create competitive advantage, reduce operating costs, and improve overall management of high-value information assets.

Digital Work

Current Infrastructure Assessment

Key to any successful planning process is gaining a full and complete understanding of where you're beginning. Our engineers inventory and analyze your entire information infrastructure to thoroughly familiarize themselves with your data assets and the systems you currently use to manage them. finanxial IT will produce an independent, expert audit and view of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats relating to your IT infrastructure. The IT areas that we analyze include:


  • Technology Management

  • Server Infrastructure 

  • Network Topology 

  • Network Security 

  • AD (Active Directory)

  • Network Applications

Vendor Selection 

Selecting the vendors whose products will be integrated into your information management infrastructure is more than simply a comparison of features and benefits. It is a thorough examination of the support, responsiveness and performance not only of the products but also of the vendors themselves.

Prototyping & Benchmarking 

Perhaps the most common error our clients have made prior to engaging finanxial IT to help them is the rush to production. Without prototyping solutions in a reduced and controlled environment it is impossible to determine if a specific solution will work in a particular environment and it is just as difficult to gauge the performance that can be anticipated.   A key component to our methodology is the prototyping, piloting, and benchmarking of all proposed enhancements prior to full production implementation.

IT Asset Optimization and Needs Analysis

Our systems engineers explore the potential for increased profitability and operating efficiency through the use of today's most advanced information technology products and services. Finanxial IT can help you identify aging assets, architect an optimization strategy, and execute, manage, and support a well-tested plan to accommodate business requirements and mitigate risk.

Disaster Recovery and Contingency Planning

Recent events have created an increased awareness of physical risks to IT facilities, services, and assets. With well more than half of all companies that suffer catastrophic data loss never recovering and returning to business, planning for all possible contingencies becomes mandatory to corporate survival. Our engineers will help you build an effective Disaster Recovery Plan that addresses the data recovery, hardware, software, IT personnel, IT facilities and IT recovery procedures that enable you to restore critical IT services in the event of natural or human-created disaster.

Network Design & Illustration

Our practice is known and respected for the clear, concise, thorough design documentation and illustration we provide. You will understand exactly what we propose to deploy and why before we begin to deploy any technology.

Network Security Assessment

Data and network security is an ever-changing landscape. Every day new exploits are designed creating new threats, so proper diligence and vigilance requires innovation and constant adaptation. Our security engineers understand this and are constantly developing new ways to secure client computing environments against these new threats. Our network security assessments are an examination of your current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats designed to give us a baseline understanding from which we can develop a constantly adapting methodology to truly protect your data assets whether in storage or in transit.

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Businesses turn to finanxial IT to ensure that IT can add value to their business, through outsourcing their IT infrastructure. Learn more about how we can help you.

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