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Smart cost tracking solutions that work for your business.

Business incur tremendous administrative costs in servicing their clients, and most offices would agree that soft cost represents a significant percentage of their day-to-day activities. Offices are having to justify their fees and costs more than ever before, so they need tools to help them demonstrate that their rates are fair and competitive. 

Our strategies are tailored to guide businesses and agencies with the goal of improving resource management and cost recovery. The methods fall into four groups: Data Collection, Resource Utilization, Direct Cost Recovery and Reporting Engine.


Data Collection – The key to effective cost recovery is ensuring that all activities is allocated to a valid user, client-matter, department, etc. before transaction begins.


Resource Utilization – Effectively manage your printing environments, reduce print costs, increase security and support company sustainability efforts.


Direct Cost Recovery – Increase billing and make it easy for the business to allocate services and recover a higher percentage of operation cost.


Reporting Engine – Automatically deliver the data you need to make smart decisions about your output environment, allocate cost to a department or bill back your clients.

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