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Raw Data Processed to Smart Data

finanxial IT eDiscovery services help law firms and corporate legal departments plan, discover, process, manage, and leverage raw data into eDiscovery Smart Data.

At finanxial IT, we tailor our services to support our clients’ requirements across a variety of matter types and sizes. Our team of eDiscovery and digital forensic experts provides consulting and end-to-end project management across the full information lifecycle, from identification to production. Our consultants work collaboratively with clients to design efficient workflows, proactively identify and apply quality control checkpoints, solve technological challenges, and provide cost-effective solutions. Our eDiscovery and digital forensics advisory team has significant experience with a broad range of industry-standard technologies and procedures.

Discovering data is only the tip of the iceberg. What really matters is the intelligence you gain from the data you retain. finanxial IT eDiscovery services span the entire EDRM, providing clients with hands-on expertise in all areas vital to their businesses. 

finanxial IT brings all phases of eDiscovery—from processing through production—under one platform. We can make the workflow as streamlined and productive as possible.

Data Collection & Forensics

Successful execution of a collection requires the maintenance of both forensic reliability and chain of custody from source to production, as well as the tools and experience to collect from today’s ever-multiplying range of sources. 

finanxial IT collection services include:


  • Evidence Identification

  • Forensic Collection and Imaging

  • Data Acquisitions – Targeted and Live

  • Preservation

  • Analysis

eDiscovery Processing

All collected electronically stored information must be processed. Such materials can come in hundreds of different formats, with different properties, different metadata, and potentially, different nested content. Processing finds and expands nested content, captures and organizes metadata, and extracts and normalizes text for review and production. 

finanxial IT processing services enable you to use our hosted review platform or your own. Our review tools ensure you get pristine and fast data loads, plus accurate and consistent processing no matter which downstream tools you are using.

Processing Types:

  • Native File

  • Full TIFF

  • Email 

Processing Services: 

  • File Type Analysis

  • De-NISTing

  • Date Filtering

  • File Type/Categorized Filtering

  • Standard and Search-Based Processing

  • Metadata Extraction

  • De-Duplication (Custodial or Global)

  • Near-Duplicate Handling

  • Email Threading

Contact our eDiscovery team.

finanxial IT can provide the eDiscovery services your company needs. We serve Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and the U.S. East Coast with IT support services and more.

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