fx Trademark System centralizes the trademarks and domain names information of your clients in a more efficient and dynamic way. By understanding the processes that contribute to operational success, fxit Software designed this application as a highly structured and efficient system. fx Trademark System will help your office monitor, assemble, plan and organize your information so that you can deliver fast responses to your deadlines.


fx Trademark offers a full range of features that will help your office achieve effective trademark management in a simple and practical way.

fx Trademark Overview

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Trademark Entry Screen
Trademark Search Screen
Trademark Calendar Screen
Trademark Report Screen
Trademark Rule Screen
Trademark Rules Screen
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  • Centralizes historical activities data

  • Flexible, easy trademark tracking

  • Notification by email, screen and pop-up

  • Calendar viewer for all notifications

  • Formulate and enforce an effective Rules Notification Policy

  • Support Documents and Images as attachments

  • Controlled access to the Configuration and Monitoring Interface

  • MSSQL Databases

  • Accounting System Integration

  • Online Support

fx Trademark Features

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  • User Manual

  • Installation Instruction

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Trademark Rules Screen