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fx Fileroom Overview

fx Fileroom System puts you directly in control of your records. Bar Code / RFID Tracking will save filing labor and reduce costs while automating file creation, searching, requesting, file tracking, labeling, archiving, retrieval, desk audits, inventory, destruction and many more features. When implemented correctly, you will know exactly where your files are at all times before wasting valuable time and money searching for lost files.


No more "missing files!" Our system tracks and audits file movements around the office from place to place and person to person.

fx Fileroom Gallery

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fx Fileroom Features

  • Centralize Information

  • Friendly and Fast File Creation

  • Files Classification

  • Barcodes and RFID Tags

  • Active and Inactive Files Catalog

  • Documents Digitalization

  • Search by Any Files

  • Exact Match or Wildcards (like) Search

  • Notes Search

  • Allow Simultaneous Files Modifications (Batch Replace)

  • Register Check In and Check Out (Automatically and Manual)

  • Closed Files Register Module

  • Closed Files Selection Manually or by Scan

  • Report by Any Criteria

  • Detailed Check In/Out and Closed File Contents Report

fx Fileroom Videos

Coming soon!

  • User Manual

  • Installation Instruction

fx Fileroom Documentation

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